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Our Community

Off We Go Tours & Safaris has embarked on a campaign to support the local community in Kenya in conjunction with other supporters. We donate 5% of our profit for the benefit of disadvantaged children that live in Rombo area which is a few kilometers from slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro on the Kenyan side of it’s border with Tanzania.


Rombo was predominantly famous for the Masai tribe but after the 2007 civil unrest in Kenya that resulted after tribal clashes during the general elections, a lot of families from the inland fled for safety to the outskirts of the country. It’s now over 10 years and these families have never been resettled - they are languishing in poverty in Rombo. Most of them are single mothers with children who do not have any hope of ever going to school.


Before the displaced families came to Rombo, the Masai community was already facing it’s own challenges; lack of education, female genital mutilation and early child marriages among others. The influx of the displaced families to this area exacerbated these problems to new levels and there was need for some intervention.


With all the above in consideration, Off We Go Tours & Safaris felt obligated to step in for support with a focus on orphaned children and children from single mothers who cannot afford to put their children to school. Education is the key to success and by providing education to these children we hope the next generation will be able to emancipate themselves from poverty and hence help the older folks in the future. Our financial support goes toward these children’s school fees, clothing, school boarding fees and other subsistence needs.


We have been working with Mwanga Community Organization and our long-term goals are to build a school for these children that we support.


For updates and news about our support to the community you can check on

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